Receivables Financing 


ReliaBill Accounts Receivable Financing

The ReliaBill ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FINANCING program was created in response to our clients immediate cash flow needs to eliminate the 60-90 days it sometimes takes insurance companies to pay claims submitted by providers. Now you can finance your receivables and get weekly advances on billing that just went out. For example, ReliaBill advances payment every Tuesday for all billing submitted by ReliaBill during the previous week.

No more torturous waits of 45, 60 or 90 days for insurance payments. You are advanced against your billing immediately – every week. You can now schedule growth, investments, staff, and other payments when they are due, without the worry about whether the check from the insurance company is in the mail or not.

Benefits of ReliaBill's Accounts Receivable Financing


You’ll get paid every Tuesday based on billing during the previous week. No more waiting for insurance companies to pay. ReliaBill sends out the bill then ReliaBill advances you estimated collection amounts immediately.



Instead of waiting 30, 45, 60 or 90 days for payment, you’ll get use of the funds immediately to invest in your business for better patient care. Whether you use the improved cash flow to grow, or to improve patient care is up to you – the good news is that it’s “in the bank,” not “on the street.”


The cost of waiting up to 90 days for payment, compared to getting immediate use of the funds to pay personnel, invest in the business, or just get a better night’s sleep – always justifies the cost of receivables financing.

Reliabill sends weekly billing out to payors which triggers immediate advance payments from ReliaBill to you. No more waiting for payments.

Additional Benefits of ReliaBill Accounts Receivable Financing

  • ReliaBill sends out billing to insurance companies on a daily/weekly basis.

  • ReliaBill actuarial estimate the amount that will be collected from each bill based on historical payments and other factors.

  • Each Tuesday, ReliaBill advances you a payment based on all billing that was out the previous week by ReliaBill. You get paid immediately, ReliaBill does the waiting.

  • Payments from payers go directly to the ReliaBill LockBox system, freeing you of all the effort and time of receiving and reconciling insurance company payments.

  • Your future cash flow is predicted by ReliaBill and paid immediately. You’ll never be short on cash due to long payment cycles of insurance companies.

  • You get weekly statements showing amounts billed, advanced, and collected.

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