ReliaBill QuickBooks Posting Service

The ReliaBill QuickBooks Posting Service saves you valuable staff time by taking over the tedious and laborious job of posting payments to your QuickBooks Accounting System. This ia a natural extension of the ReliaBill Service since you currently send EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) to ReliaBill for posting to the ReliaBill Billing and Collection System. Now your staff can tend to more productive tasks while professionally trained ReliaBill Accounting staff posts payments to your accounting system.

Benefits of ReliaBill QuickBooks Posting Service

SPEEDS Up CYCLE TIME Instead of holding EOBs for days while your staff enters payments into QuickBooks, or making unnecessary copies of EOBs for ReliaBill while waiting to post payments, you simply deposit the checks and send the EOB to ReliaBill the same day. ReliaBill immediately scans then shreds the EOB. Next, ReliaBill accounting professionals post payments to your QuickBooks online account while ReliaBill billing professionals post payments to the ReliaBill Accounts Receivable system. The sooner this is done, the sooner we can make collection calls on payments the insurance companies missed during the current payment cycle.

IMPROVES ACCURACY ReliaBill accounting professionals are trained specifically on QuickBooks posting, and it’s all they do. Where your existing staff are subject to the daily distractions that exist in your office, ReliaBill staff speed through posting and are double-checked. Your tedious, time-consuming and repetitive tasks are handled seamlessly while your staff can manage more important functions.

SAVES TIME and MONEY Postings are completed the same day, so your accounting systems are always up to date. Saves time because ReliaBill accounting professionals are faster in dealing with the tedious job of posting payments.

How it works

IT’S SIMPLE If you’re not currently on QuickBooks Online, ask us about switching. We have professional accounting firms who can help, or you can easily do it yourself. Note: We only support QuickBooks Online.

IT’S FAST As soon as payments and EOBs arrive, send them to us. Paper EOBs are scanned, stored on our encrypted, secure and redundant servers. Then all paper is shredded.

POSTING Our professional accounting staff then posts payments to QuickBooks while billing staff posts to the A/R system.

ALWAYS UP TO DATE Your accounting system is immediately updated so you know where you stand, financially, at all times.

Get Financial Reports

Participating in the QuickBooks Posting Service qualifies you for the “ReliaBill Financial Reporting Service.”

How ReliaBill QuickBooks Posting Service Works

It’s Easy and Fast. Start Now! Let us review your current VOB Authorization, Billing, Collection, and Utilization Review Diagram at no cost to you. We’ll come back with a specific report tailored to you with recommendation, good, bad, or ugly.



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