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Secret Billing Codes

Billing and Collections is highly specialized in the addiction treatment industry. Then, even within this niche, there are “Boutique” firms, like ReliaBill, providing an entire suite of solutions to serve all your needs.

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Complete Billing and Accounting Service

It’s no secret ReliaBill Solutions is a master at collecting payments for it’s customers…maximizing incoming revenue for its clients. That in itself is a HUGE reason to choose ReliaBill.

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NEW: Aged and Dead Receivables Collection Service 

There’s gold in your old, tired, dead and aged receivables. ReliaBill’s Aged Receivables Collection Service has proven that, time after time. Working from years of experience, ReliaBill’s Gold Finders will sift through your aged receivables, over 100 days old and up to 365 days old.

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Facing Addiction In America

The US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released a comprehensive report on the State of our Nation’s Alcohol, Drugs, and Health, in a report entitled “Facing Addiction in America”. It is a massive in both dimension and volume of useful information, aiding us in coming to grips with this major social problem currently plaguing the country.

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The ReliaDifference!

You started off simply wanting to help patients and now your center is a huge bureaucratic pit of paperwork. Moreover, insurance company billing codes are always in a state of flux.

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September is National Recovery Month

What better way is there to celebrate the gift of Recovery, then to honor it with a month dedicated to fostering more of the same? Addiction is a plague that touches all of us. It does not discriminate based on race, faith or socio-economic status.

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Opioid and Heroin Abuse Awareness

September 19-26th is Opioid and Heroin Abuse Awareness Week and it arrives at a critical juncture in America’s relationship with prescription drugs.

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10 Ways ReliaBill Solutions Improves Billing for Treatment Centers

You’ve worked hard to build your addiction treatment facility, providing high-quality services, only to be bogged down by a Byzantine maze of federal regulations and insurance requirements.

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