Lockbox Service

Introducing Lockbox. Faster. Easier. More Accurate.

The ReliaBill LOCKBOX PROGRAM is a new and revolutionary way for you to save time, increase accuracy, and improve cash flow. Through this program, your payments are

deposited, cleared, and posted faster. Greater accuracy and faster processing makes your

cash available sooner, and this program saves your staff important time that can be better

used to improve patient care or operations. No more sending valuable staff out of the office to wait in bank lines, no more risk of lost or misplaced deposits, no more need to post payments to your QuickBooks online accounting system…it’s all done for you.

Benefits of ReliaBill LockBox

  • BETTER CASH FLOW Get the use of your cash sooner because the ReliaBill LockBox Program is staffed by professionals who do nothing but process payments. Your mail is opened and deposits are made daily. Payments never “sit waiting for the next trip to the bank.”

  • GREATER ACCURACY Instead of delegating this important function to a part-timer, family member or receptionist, all payments are handled in real-time by a professionally trained staff at ReliaBill LockBox facilities.

  • YOUR STAFF IS MORE PRODUCTIVE …because they are not running to the bank to make deposits, and your payments are handled immediately – no more wasted staff time going to the bank “once in a while.”

  • IMPROVE CYCLE TIME ReliaBill processes your payments and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) immediately. Eliminate lost “time in the mail.” Payments are posted daily, which improves

  • ReliaBill collection efforts.

  • POSTING TO QUICKBOOKS ONLINE ReliaBill LockBox staff posts ALL payments regardlessof whether they are electronic, by mail (check) or by credit card (mail or phone – making patient payments easier).

  • REPORTING You may select daily or weekly reporting of deposits. Plus, you get a weekly summary of all activity by email. You can also check your QuickBooks online account any time.

  • It’s always up to date.

It’s Easy and Fast. Start Now! Let us review your current VOB Authorization, Billing, Collection, and Utilization Review Diagram at no cost to you. We’ll come back with a specific report tailored to you with recommendation, good, bad, or ugly.



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