Q: Why Should I Use Outsourced Billing?

A: The short answer is that in today’s insurance climate, billing is complex, time-consuming and requires specific knowledge, skill and technology. Most facilities simply do not have these resources in-house. The result is that billing, for most facilities, is inefficient. Staff turnover can be destructive, and lack of expertise can increase the number of rejected claims and increase time to payments.

Without efficient, capable claims processing, your revenue flow may be suffering. We can relieve the stress and uncertainty with advanced systems and experienced professionals handling the process for you. After all, your staff’s main concern is to aid the patients and provide top-notch care. Requiring your staff to engage in administrative and clerical duties may affect this care.

Q: What Factors Should Be Considered In Outsourcing Billing?

A: The two most important factors in determining whether outsourcing is right for you are: billing staff costs and billing staff expertise.

Average in-house costs include salaries, healthcare expenses, taxes, office space, supplies and training. These expenses could easily top $500,000 annually. The cost of professional billing and collection services, on an annual basis, could cost only a fraction of that expense.


Q: Other Than Cost, Are There Additional Benefits Of ReliaBill Solutions?

A: Saving money and increasing revenue, while our main objectives, are not the only benefits to our clients. Studies indicate that outsourcing billing will yield a significantly higher income. To your facility, outsourcing moves a complex business function to a highly focused, technologically equipped group that is well versed in the ever-changing intricacies of the industry. We’re certain that we can increase collections while saving internal expenses.

Q: Is HIPAA Compliance Required?

A: Yes. And HIPAA compliance is more important than ever. HIPAA has been established to protect patient health information when transmitted and stored. It is an important safeguard. Today, HIPAA can be a maze of standards and regulations that are complicated to implement and enforce. However, your integration of these standards can provide major advantages for your facility. We can help you achieve this strategic requirement.

Q: How Fast Can You Deliver Claim Payments?

A: We will get your claims paid as quickly as the system allows. And because we pay attention to every detail of the process, we will always expect earliest payment. For major carriers, that is 30-45 days. Although high-dollar payments may undergo insurance company additional review, we can guarantee our clients that we will submit complete, accurate information to ensure the fastest payment turnaround for all claims.


Q: Why Is ReliaBill Solutions Billing Services The Best Choice?

A: Achieving maximum billing and collections requires the highest industry standards of professionalism, experience and technology. These standards are at the core of the ReliaBill Solutions approach to each client. We are among the very elite in behavioral health medical billing organizations, combining strict internal controls and absolute adherence to State and Federal regulations. These standards are critical in preventing fraud and abuse. Another reason why we will meet the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996(HIPPA) compliance security rules by implementing a series of administrative, physical and technical safeguards to use and assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic protected health information.

Our staff has been selected to uphold our standards, and to provide exceptional attention to our clients. From delivering expert advice regarding reimbursement, to helping our clients in critical decision-making. We’ll be there to make your facility more compliant, more profitable and more successful.


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