Data Transparency

It's your data. At ReliaBill, we are 100% transparent.


Complete access to our medical billing software. Our clients can view patient statements,            reimbursement rates, monthly projections and more. And we love reports, so we publish a comprehensive report each week, and then a full monthly report for you every month.  We’ll even create custom reports for you at no charge--so you can see your business from any angle, accurately. Does your biller do that? If not, you have reduced visibility into your financial health. Reporting is the lifeblood of your organization and ReliaBill takes reporting to the next level.

Full access to our back office software

Weekly and monthly reports / custom reports at no charge

Benchmark your performance against other clients

Training your clinical staff to improve written documentation

An account team available all hours of the day

Detailed monthly projections

Cycle time and guidance on VOBs Patient statements.

View days of service billed and revenue  per day by level  of care! Plus, Advanced, proprietary electronic claims processing, immediate payment posting, pre-transmission auditing to ensure 100% error-free claims, Secondary claims filing, UB04 and HCFA-1500 claim submission for facilities and providers.

What's your biller hiding?

Why doesn’t your current biller provide weekly or monthly reports to you regarding the status of your billing and collection activity? Are they hiding something? Are they burying mistakes? Are they lazy? Are they simply not equipped to collect and present accurate data to you on a regular basis? And how about benchmarking? Does your current biller give you detailed reports on authorized days and reimbursement levels that you’ll receive? Do you know how you’re doing against your competitors and vs. the industry? Does your current biller train your clinical staff, work to improve your cycle time and provide insight on VOBs? In short, do you know where you stand? If the answers are “no,” then we need to talk. Because ReliaBill isn’t simply a vendor, or a service -- we become your partner. And partners don’t keep secrets. In fact, we’re a open book and we’re at your service! We’re available anytime, 24/7. Our account and service teams are ALWAYS ready to help.

Do you know your TRUE reimbursement rate?

While others give you anecdotal reports based on general information, ReliaBill delivers specific, detailed report that actually HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR DAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS. That means you’ll know Days of Service Billed, by Level of Care and Revenue days by Level of Care. It’s deep intelligence that we’ve spend years perfecting. 

It’s Easy and Fast. Start Now! Let us review your current VOB Authorization, Billing, Collection, and Utilization Review Diagram at no cost to you. We’ll come back with a specific report tailored to you with recommendation, good, bad, or ugly.



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